The Husband Gratitude List

There’s not a lot I’m sure about in this life, but one thing I’m 100% sure about is my husband. We’ve been through a lot together. Our blended family includes four daughters (1 mine, 3 his), one son-in-law, one on-and-off-again son-in-law, two granddaughters, and one grandson. All of that came with two ex-wives, one ex-husband, and a slew of in-laws. Relationships are complicated enough, but ours took complicated to a whole new level. Through it all, we’ve remained best friends, and our love is stronger today than it was ten years ago.
So… I follow the Happy Wives Club because I am a happy wife. One of my favorite posts is the Husband Gratitude List. The basic concept is to keep a journal of all the wonderful things your husband does for you. You find as you do it that you notice more of the everyday things your husband does to show you he loves you. Getting you a glass of water or taking out the trash becomes as important as bring you flowers or taking out to dinner. Your journal even becomes a great tool for finding your way back from an argument. Reading your gratitude list when you’re angry reminds you that your marriage outweighs any argument. That moment becomes much less important.
When my husband would forget a Hallmark holiday, as he calls them, he would say, “The way you treat someone everyday is much more important than what you day one day a year.” It used to drive me crazy, but I’ve come to realize he’s right. He isn’t very romantic, and he can’t remember a birthday or anniversary to save his life, but he is the most generous, kind, supportive person I know. He loves me completely everyday without fail. That is worth more than any card or any gift.
Here are just a few of the things from this week:

  1. Called me at lunch so we could “spend lunch together”
  2. Made me dinner even though I snapped at him
  3. Took out the trash while I was cooking
  4. Surprised me with half his lunch
  5. Talks to me every day during his morning commute

I love my husband, and a gratitude list reminds me to treat our love like the precious gift that it is. Our marriage makes every day more beautiful.

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