Equestrian Tai Chai

Jenny Pim created Equestrian Tai Chi in 2005 while preparing to teach her evening Tai Chi lesson. She decided to prepare for her class during the day while she rode her horses. She noticed the affect it had on her ponies and decided to create a form specifically for riding horses.
Jenny Pim is a registered instructor with The Tai Union for Great Britain and Taiji Europa The International European Tai Chi Chuan Portal. She has been teaching Tai Chi since 2002. She has won silver medals in the British Open Tai Chi Championships.
There are many benefits of equestrian Tai Chi including:

  • improving posture and balance
  • helping with fear and anxiety
  • building trust between you and your horse
  • helping you and your horse relax

According to Pim, there have always been close bonds between Tai Chi and equestrian practices. She asserts that there are many similarities between the principles of both disciplines, including the belief correct posture and a relaxed body are essential components for success. She cites the fact that nn the Far East, a large number of martial artists were also excellent horsemen.
Pim’s goal is to help people become aware of their internal life-force energy and how to move it through their bodies smoothly. She believes that once riders learn how to connect with their internal energy, they learn how to store it in their Lower Tantien, the major energy center of the body which is situated in the pelvic area. According to Pim, the location of the Lower Tantien is also the location of our center of gravity. She believes that learning to store energy in the Lower Tantien helps with stability and security when riding.
Her exercises are helping me regain my confidence, balance, and skill in the saddle. Check out her website and download a free cheat sheet with 2 exercises and 21 tips for confident riding.

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