Who Am I?

I receive a daily message from dotMagis, the blog for Ignatian Spirituality.  Most days, I read and contemplate, taking with me a little nugget of wisdom.  Every now and again, I find myself knocked over by a simple but profound question.  Today was one of those days:

When the priests and Levites questioned John the Baptist in the wilderness, they asked him “Who are you?” John responded by testifying “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord.’” (John 1:19–23)
As we labor in these weeks of Advent, we have the opportunity to face that same question and give our own testimony. Who are you? What is your voice, your life, crying out in the wilderness to proclaim?
This is the desert experience when all our trappings of ego and image are dropped.
Each of us has our own calling, our own message of love to be expressed with our lives. Who are you? What is your voice crying out in the wilderness to proclaim?
John captured his answer in 18 words. Can you capture yours in Facebook post? In a blog comment? In a tweet? In a Christmas card? In a moment of prayer?
Before this message of love can be fully realized at Christmas, we must be able to articulate it at least for ourselves. Who are you? What is your voice crying out in the wilderness to proclaim?

This simple message from author Lisa Kelly left me uncomfortable, squirming in my seat a little.  Lisa’s bio gave her roughly 75 words to describe herself.  I can do that.  But am I as clear as John about who I am?  And is the person I claim to be the person God wants me to be?
This was an interesting follow-up to my discovery of a new song this morning.  I regularly listen to Google Play Music radio stations to discover new favorite songs.  Four songs into a new station, and I found myself deeply moved by the lyrics of Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwYv6yMuPaA]
I found myself asking, “Am I still full of my will?”  A question I ask often.  I find that I am most happy and most fulfilled when I submit to God’s will and have faith in the plans he has for me.  Only when I take back control does my life fly off the rails.  Lately, I have also been asking myself, “Who am I?”  I deeply desire to be the person God made me to be, so I ask God every day to strip away the persona I created and to reveal the person I was before the world shaped me, the person he intended me to be.
So…  Here is my attempt at describing myself in 18 words or less:

I am a Christian Leader called to evangelize for the Episcopal Church through service, education, and servant leadership.

How did I do?  Give it a shot yourself, and if you’re comfortable enough…  Share!

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  1. Thank you for your transparency, I have been questioning myself for a long time as to am I who God created me to be? Or, what is my purpose? I have desires to share the gospel, the good news and change lives for God’s kingdom, but the question that haunts me is the question of am I in the right place. We know in real estate location is everything, so can I apply that to my life. Am I in the right place? I find that as of right now I am uncomfortable in where I am; which gives me hope that I will begin to pursue the destiny and plans and let of of the fears and let God be God in my life. Thinking about it brings me to tears, but good tears cause I know His plans are plans of good not of evil, plans to prosper me not harm me because He loves me. Thank you for sharing this. Love this.

    • Thank you for sharing Carla! I found myself where you are many times, and it is only through God’s grace and prayer that I found my way to where I am. When I am uncomfortable, I know God is nudging me to listen and to prepare, because a call is coming. I find myself often quoting Mother Teresa, who said, “Bloom where you’re planted.” God knows his plan for us, and if we are wise and willing, he will guide us to exactly where we need to be. Today, I will be praying for you, praying that you find the guidance you need and the strength to follow it when the time comes. God is with you!

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