RESOLVE Sweet Itch!

I recently attended the inaugural Rally for the Rescues event at Clearview Horse Farm in Shelbyville, TN. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the sponsors Kathy Anderson of Equine Safety Zone, LLC. I asked her about Resolve, and we spent some time talking about the last 6 years of combating sweet itch with my gelding Comanche. I had been volunteering and didn’t come prepared to shop, so I asked for her card and website address to order later. When I did, Kathy generously gave me a 24 oz bottle to try and review.

Let me fill you in on the saga of Comanche’s itchy summer skin… During our first full summer together, the itching started with the occasional rubbing on a tree and escalated to no tail and twoComanche Hives bald shoulders. The poor thing had scabs everywhere. I tried everything, including Vicks Vapor Rub! I spent three months scouring the internet for suggestions while every horse person I knew told me to try this or try that. By September, the itching had stopped and the fur grew back. I spent the winter looking for an answer and discovered that it was sweet itch.

I spent the next four years battling the itch. One summer, I spent over $2,000 on antihistamines, allergy shots, allergy sprays, fly sheets, and fly sprays. One year, we managed to get through the summer with a tail. Unfortunately, his back and shoulders looked like hamburger meat. 😦 Fly sheets were a complete bust. Even the most heavy duty wouldn’t last 2 days with Comanche. Fly sprays either didn’t work or further irritated his sensitive skin. I spent summers feeling awful for him and spending every dime I had to try and help. I spent every winter searching for some clue as to why nothing would work. It would literally bring me to tears.

The summer before last was a mild success. I made my own fly spray from apple cider vinegar and essential oils, and I gave Comanche an oatmeal bath every 2-3 days. He remained mostly itch free. Then I found an article that suggested that while the allergic reaction to fly saliva began the itching, it was possible that a secondary bacterial infection caused the bulk of the itching. I figured an antimicrobial shampoo couldn’t hurt. I had certainly tried EVERYTHING else!

This summer has been largely itch free. I have been using Pyranha Zero Bite natural fly spray and giving an antimicrobial bath twice a week. The antimicrobial bath takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish. We did have an incident the night before Rally for the Rescues. Poor Comanche had a welt from a horse fly bite. We began treatment with an antimicrobial bath, but switched to Resolve after meeting Kathy.

My review of Resolve? WOW!!! WHERE has this product been the last 6 years??? Not only did the welt disappear in HALF the time, I went from a 45 minute treatment twice a day to a 45 second treatment once a day.

Unfortunately, his speckled coat makes it difficult to make out bumps, but I’ve included a picture of how his allergy-ridden skin looks after 1 day with Resolve and 3 days with antimicrobial shampoo. When I find a section of his coat covered in hives, if I treat immediately with antimicrobial shampoo twice a day, it takes 5-7 days to heal. Resolve healed it in 2 days! Instead of repeated baths, which my horse HATES, I check his coat once a day and spay any hives or welts once a day for 2-3 days. This week marks the end of June, and we have a tail–albeit a little Appy tail–and a full coat. NO BALD SPOTS! We just happily ordered our second bottle.

Kathy earned a customer for life and a few good online reviews, but Comanche and I got the better end of the deal. It’s summer, and my horse isn’t miserable. We can FINALLY enjoy a beautiful summer night! If Resolve works half as well on rain rot and thrush as it does for Comanche, every horse owner should have this in their barn. Use the code ESZ25 and save 25% on your first order. You will be SO glad you did!

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