Holy Week Recovery

My favorite time of the year?  From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  For me, Lent through Easter evokes deep spiritual transformation and emotional release.  Easter Sunday marks a new year both spiritually and mentally, but like the actual new year, it generally starts with some rest and reflection.  Holy Week, with its multiple religious services, can be emotionally draining.  To really walk with Christ during that time requires some emotional fortitude.

One of my new spiritual practices was to write every day during Holy Week, which turned into some insightful reflections and revelations regarding my personal relationship with Christ.  Praying or meditating three times a day deepened my connection to God and his creation.  Of course, as with all new habits, the development of those habits necessitated significant effort.  All of my Lenten practices required more time interacting with other people.  As an Introvert, that alone leaves me needing a recharge.

So for me, the Easter season has become a quiet time of resting and letting the fruits of my labor grow with the Spring.  The little sprouts of spiritual growth bathe in the rain and the sun, and my Faith becomes a more passive activity of simply basking in the joy of God’s love.  For me, Easter isn’t about doing.  Easter is just about being.

My heart and soul are healing from the trauma and growth of Holy Week.  I am fully submitted to God’s will.  I am allowing God to God’s work while I await a call on Pentecost to go out into the world and do great works.  I’m living with Christ and letting his words shape my thoughts, words, and deeds.

Despite the joyous nature of the season, it is, for me, a time to be alone in God’s creation.  Spending time with my horses and my dogs in the quiet of the woods rejuvenates me and connects me more deeply to the Risen Lord.  It helps me to feel more deeply the joy of the Resurrection.  I find myself once again believing in the power of the Holy Spirit and the miracles that God will perform on our behalf when we ask in Christ’s name.

During the Easter season, I recharge my soul with the power of Faith, with the power God endowed to us in our Baptism by the fire of the Holy Spirit.  I allow myself to enveloped by the love of God and allow myself to accept that I am a beloved child of God.  I live in the knowledge that I share in the Resurrection with my Lord and Savior.

What does Easter mean for you?  How do your spiritual practices change to celebrate the Resurrection?

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