Meet Tank

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m taking some time to introduce the four-legged residents of Appy Creek Farm.  Next up…  Tank.  Tank is a 17 month old Great Pyrenees/Bull Mastiff mix.  We picked him up from a farm in Shelbyville.   Since his bitch was a working livestock guardian, he was born and living outside.  He was covered in fleas and sores from scratching at the fleas, but from day one, he was and is the happiest dog I’ve ever met.  While Bear wins on gentleness and compassion, Tank wins on sense of humor.  You can’t keep a straight face around this dog.

Like any good Great Pyrenees, he wants to be outside on patrol.  When he’s inside, he’s glued to a window, and when he’s outside he’s watching every square inch he can see.  His job is definitely protecting the family.
I’ve also learned that the breed is incredibly smart and very independent.  Tank loves to let us know his opinion in any given situation!  His favorite move is when Dad tries to take him for a walk, and he wants Mom.  He will literally park himself behind me and hug my leg until I either give in or make him go to Dad!

Every dog teaches us something.  Tank is teaching me patience, sense of humor, and persistence!
He’s only completed a basic obedience course.  It will be a while before he’s ready for a more advanced class.  He’s smart and learns quickly, but he still has a problem with attention span. In my experience, extra large dogs don’t really mature until they’re two, so I expect that training results will get more consistent then.  For now, we just keep the practice consistent.
I fully expect that someday Tank will be a very well-trained, highly obedient guard dog, who loves to snuggle and keep us safe.

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