Meet Gus

Gus came to us in May of 2015.  My husband has always liked cats, but up until the last few years, we’ve been limited to two pets in the house.  Since I came with two dogs, there wasn’t room for a cat.  A friend from church was looking for a good home for a cat she had adopted.  She loved him, but her mother had developed allergies that prevented his staying with them.  It was my husband’s birthday, so I jumped at the chance to bring him home a cat.

We decided to introduce the dogs one at a time.  We choose Bear first, because he was the sweetest and quietest of the bunch.  Gus took one look at Bear and hid under the couch for the next two days.  When he finally came out, his only contact with the dogs was to let them know he was NOT interested.  Of course, after a week of Bear’s requests to play, Gus finally gave in.  After that, the fun began.
Having never lived with a cat, I was in for several surprises. First, I did NOT know cats were nocturnal!  Since Kelsey was still living at home, she typically slept in her room with her dog and the door closed.  We slept with our dogs and a closed door.  Little did I know that our new family member would spend the night terrorizing me and the dogs.  He attacked my feet multiple times.  I also woke up to Bear loudly demanding to be left alone.  Needless to say, we stopped sleeping with the door closed!

The next adventure started when Gus discovered the dog door.  At the time, the dog door from the previous owner, which fit none of our dogs, was still in the door.  Gus noticed it swaying back and forth one day and tried to sneak out.  Since we had been told he was an indoor cat and never went outside, we decided it might be a bad idea for him to venture into the back yard with our three dogs–two of which were natural hunters.  So we locked the dog door.  Later that day, he snuck out again.
My husband bought him a harness and started taking him for walks, and my daughter ducked taped the dog door shut, but Gus was a determined little kitty.  Within a week, he snuck out again and didn’t come back for several hours.  We were all terrified he wouldn’t come back, but he showed back up demanding food later that afternoon.  We decided to stop worrying about him when we found him jumping down off the roof.  This, of course, began another new kitty adventure…
Over the next few months, Gus deposited moles in the kitchen, mice in the living room, and a snake under my desk.  Fun thing to find in the middle of your work day!  He brought in birds in the middle of the night that woke up the dogs… and us.  Thankfully, now that we have 36 acres, he brings the critters to the woods, the garage, or the hay barn!  He’s developed into the perfect farm cat. He keeps the outbuildings free from mice and snakes at night and comes in for snuggles during the day.  He ended up making my husband very happy!

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