Meet Goose

Goose is the newest member of the family. He’s a three year old large standard donkey, who came to us from Volunteer Equine Advocates in Gallatin where he was known as Festus.  He was having trouble finding a home because most people wanted a donkey as a small livestock guardian, and poor Goose doesn’t play well with small animals.   We were looking for a donkey who would make a good companion for Comanche when Buttons and I started showing next year, so Goose was the perfect fit.

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Meet Buttons

Buttons (aka All Buttoned Up) is a 5 year old registered Pinto mare.  She’s been a part of the family since day one.  She is the one and only attempt we’ll ever make to breed a horse!  Way too much stress when there are so many good foals in need of a home.  That being said, I’ll never regret having her.  When she was 7 weeks old, we lost her dam Penny.  Buttons is all we have left of her.

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It's Time to Listen

ListenWell…  President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement.  Dems/Progressives are ticked off.  I get it.  I do.  When you passionately support something, and it doesn’t go your way, it’s a tough pill to swallow.  But I’m bothered by the shallow nature of the discourse.  Several of my friends on Facebook have made posts implying that anyone who disagrees with the Paris climate change agreement is greedy or uncaring or not really Christian.  Fill in the blank.
Unfortunately, that eliminates the possibility of real discourse about a very important subject.  I didn’t vote for President Trump, and I’m not a fan.  I am also not a fan of the EPA or the Paris climate change agreement.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a passionate believer in being a good steward of God’s creation, so maybe taking a few minutes to find out *why* I oppose such governmental efforts would be worth the conversation?  Maybe listening to what I have to say with an open mind and an open heart would be useful and educational?
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Easter Revelations

I mentioned in an earlier post that I generally spend the Easter season processing my Lenten experiences.  The past two years have marked more spiritual growth than the previous 40 years.  Not that I haven’t made personal progress in my live, but the last two years have been focused on my spiritual growth more than anything else.
For most of my life, I have largely ignored God’s call.  It hasn’t been intentional.  It’s been a side effect of my crappy self-esteem.  I valued the opinions of others more than my own.  Not very helpful given that few people really know me well.

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Meet Manche Man

Comanche (aka Mohawk Warrior) is a 12 year old registered Appaloosa gelding.  Of all the animals on the farm, Comanche has been with us the longest.  My daughter–with a little help from her grandparents–bought Comanche from Calico Mule Ranch in Hohenwald in the summer of 2009.  We were looking for a horse that would take care of her and build her confidence.  Despite a rough start, he became exactly that.  He challenged her some, forcing her to step up and ride, but he always took care of her.
In 2011, I lost my mare Penny when she broke her leg in the pasture.  In the months that followed, I lost my grandmother, my father, my brother, and my dog.  During that time, I really bonded with Comanche.  I spent a lot of time grooming him and crying on him.  When another horse came into our lives, Kelsey moved on, but I couldn’t part with Manche.

When I lost my confidence, he helped me get it back.  I could trust him to take care of me.  I still have ways to go, but he’s there for me every step of the way.  I recently had the opportunity to go to my first show in two years.  Since we don’t have an arena, it’s been difficult to get any consistency on my horses, so I decided to take Manche.  I knew my steady eddy would step up and be there for me.
I was a nervous wreck when I got in the saddle, but Manche had my back.  Our first class was terrible.  Completely my fault.  I was nervous and didn’t ride the test.  By the second test, I was conquering my nerves.   We ended up getting first and second.  More importantly, we had a great time.  Comanche took care of me yet again!
One of the things that keeps me motivated in our renovations is how happy Manche is to be at home with us.  He’s done so much for me.  I love getting to give him the life he deserves.