Meet Buttons

Buttons (aka All Buttoned Up) is a 5 year old registered Pinto mare.  She’s been a part of the family since day one.  She is the one and only attempt we’ll ever make to breed a horse!  Way too much stress when there are so many good foals in need of a home.  That being said, I’ll never regret having her.  When she was 7 weeks old, we lost her dam Penny.  Buttons is all we have left of her.

Buttons has been a joy from the start.  She’s pretty much a carbon copy of Penny.  A quiet, hard worker.  In the right hands, she gives you 200%.  She loves being groomed and loves being with her humans.  My farrier jokes that she was born broke.  Nothing phases her partly because she had my daughter torturing her with odd objects like Pokemon hats and party because she has an amazing mind.
Her and Comanche have been together since the start, so they play together wonderfully.  I never have to deal with bite marks or kick marks.  I also don’t have to deal with either being buddy sour.  They don’t like being alone, but they love me as much as they love each other.
Buttons has only been shown once with the trainer that started her under saddle.  I’ve taken a couple of years off from showing to work on myself and to build our farm.  Buttons will, however, be making her debut in Western Dressage next year.  I’m really looking forward to showing this flashy little mare!

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