Meet Goose

Goose is the newest member of the family. He’s a three year old large standard donkey, who came to us from Volunteer Equine Advocates in Gallatin where he was known as Festus.  He was having trouble finding a home because most people wanted a donkey as a small livestock guardian, and poor Goose doesn’t play well with small animals.   We were looking for a donkey who would make a good companion for Comanche when Buttons and I started showing next year, so Goose was the perfect fit.

When we put Goose in the pasture with Buttons and Comanche, the herd settled down again in under five minutes.  By the end of the day, the three of them acted like they’d been together all their lives.  There are never any fights.  They play and run and have fun, but each of them is quiet and sweet.
While I loved the name Festus, my husband did not.  He asked if he could rename him.  Since I’ve been trying to get him more involved in the care of the equines, I said yes…  reluctantly.  After watching the herd together for a few days, he settled on Goose after Anthony Edwards character in Top Gun, because Manche and Goose went everywhere together.
Goose did the trick in getting Ken involved.  He re-arranged the barn to accommodate Goose.  He’s been learning about care and has even learned to bathe Buttons.  😀
We’ve had some things to work on.  He was wonderful for his first vet visit and not so much for his first visit with the farrier.  He’s teaching me a lot about donkeys.  He’s been a fantastic addition to the herd.  We love our little man!



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