The Problem with Agribusiness

Over the weekend, I finally bit the bullet and watched Okja on Netflix.  I’m still emotionally processing this movie.  Heartbreaking not only because the characters’ journeys were difficult and emotional but also because it brings to the light the heartbreaking reality of agribusiness.
We have so removed ourselves from our food sources that we have forgotten that every living creature has a right to a good life.  We buy our meat at Wal-Mart and never give a second thought to how it was raised or slaughtered.  We ignore horror stories from traumatized slaughter house workers who have had to start butchering a steer that wasn’t dead.  We ignore the warnings about antibiotics in our food and ignore the reason why the antibiotics are in the food in the first place.
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A Dog A Day…

Very few people know just how much I’ve struggled with depression and low self-esteem.  Some have seen my success and just assumed I was happy.  Others have seen the positivity in my outward interactions with others and again have just assumed I was happy.
Sadly, many Americans achieve in an effort to escape their unhappiness and low self-esteem, hoping that just one more win will make it better.  Not all, but many.  In addition, many people struggling with depression make a serious effort to be positive, because they don’t want to burden others.  Both have been the case with me.

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Eating Intentionally

Over the last few years, I’ve been on a spiritual journey to make the appearance of my life–my daily acts–match my inner spiritual life. One of the areas that has required the most change is self care, particularly eating habits. Two of the things that define me most are my Christian Faith and my belief that caring for God’s creatures is a core part of that Faith.
While the Gospel says that food cannot make us unclean, that does not mean that what we eat is unimportant. The same scripture states that what is in our hearts makes us clean or unclean. If we are truly transformed by the Grace of God, our behaviors will change. That includes the way we eat.
I recently read an eBook entitled The Biblical Foundation of Wellness written by Keith M. Henry N.D.  Henry argues that, according to the Book of Genesis, there are 9 fundamental requirements for good health:

  1. Trust in the Creator
  2. Sunshine
  3. Exercise
  4. Water
  5. Fresh Air
  6. Rest
  7. Proper Diet
  8. Self Control/Temperance
  9. Positive Social Interaction and Companionship

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Lynn Palm Clinic

Photos by Kathy Zeigler Art & Photography.
170625-110Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a clinic with Lynn Palm at Clearview Horse Farm in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  I love attending events at Clearview.  It’s not only a great location, but it’s a quick 20 minute drive down mostly country roads for me.  Easy haul!  In this case, I’d been anxiously awaiting this weekend for months.
I first met Lynn at Southern Equine Expo in February of 2016.  Her lecture on Dressage geometry was tremendously helpful in explaining how to calculate the size of your circle in an arena.  What impressed me the most about Lynn was her focus on the rider.  So often, we forget that 99.9% of the time WE are the problem.  I also found that she had a way of telling you the truth without being mean or hurtful.  In teaching, that is a tremendous gift.  The truth is hard to hear but absolutely necessary if you want to grow.
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