LCHA August Show

This month’s Lincoln County Horseman’s Association Show started at 6:00 PM to avoid the heat, which was certainly great for horses and riders.  Sadly, since my equipment only allows for day time sports photography, I was only able to shoot for about 2 hours.  I also had to run back and forth between three arenas, but it was well worth it.  There were a few real gems in the bunch!
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Slow and Steady

In a few weeks, we will celebrate a year of owning the farm. Hands down one of the most challenging years of my life and our marriage.  We made some choices early on that made the road a little tougher and much more stressful but allowed us to be true to our values and our vision.  We’re completing all the renovations ourselves, and we’re paying for everything in cash.  Some days, we’re overwhelmed with how much there’s still left to do, and the stress takes over our marriage and our lives.  Most day, we stay positive and keep moving forward–slow and steady–on the path God set before us.
Today, I want to take a little time to enjoy our progress and to share some pictures with you.  I also want to share a little of what we hope to accomplish over the coming months. Continue reading