Everything is Sacred

I’ve gotten a lot of questions both on and offline about how all my interests tie together.  How does taking care of a donkey relate to theology?  What does solar-powered lighting have to do with dog training?  How does bargain shopping at Goodwill relate to Christian values?  What does Pampered Chef have to do with farming? The answer to all of those questions is stewardship.
These questions remind me of a story a Lyons Legacy trainer told me about Josh Lyons. Josh was asked not to talk God about one of his events. He told them that it just wasn’t possible to NOT talk about God when he was talking about horse training, because his training abilities were a gift from God. I respect that. Owning your Faith isn’t always easy.  Sometimes people don’t get it.
God has blessed us with a beautiful peace of earth.  God has blessed me with an amazing job.  God has blessed us both with intellect and drive. God made us stewards of 37 acres, two horses, two dogs, a cat, a donkey, and a sizeable income. Being stewards, we don’t “own” any of this. God has honored us with their care. Continue reading

Giving Thanks

The weekend before Thanksgiving was an emotionally charged three days that I’m still emotionally processing.  Each event challenged me to count my blessings and give thanks to God for how very blessed I am.
The weekend started with shadowing my upline in Pampered Chef for an in-home party. I spent the evening with a wonderful group of women talking about one of my favorite subjects–cooking! I learned a ton from watching Wendy.  Despite getting home well past my normal bedtime, I arrived energized and excited about my Pampered Chef business.
On Saturday, Bear and I passed our Pet Partners team evaluation, which we’ve been working for almost a year. We failed our first evaluation, because I hadn’t counted on how excited he would get at meeting a new dog. I took the advice of the evaluator and spent the months in between our evaluations taking Bear to environments with a number of new dogs to train in the most distracting environments possible. Continue reading

The Power of Prayer

In the wake of a shooting in Texas church a few months ago, the quote above was being passed around social media. The only thing I find more disturbing than the quote itself is the fact that I’ve seen it shared on the pages of Christians.
First, why would anyone assume that because they were in church that they were automatically faithful Christians who prayed often? How many of us know people who show up at church on Sunday but aren’t faithful or prayerful and don’t live the principles of the Gospel? Church membership doesn’t always mean someone is living a Christian life.
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Remembering on All Souls' Day

Yesterday, I spent the day mentally immersed in the lives of Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. While MLK Jr. is not an official saint of the church, he seemed an appropriate person to remember on All Saints’ Day this year given the political climate this year.
Today, on All Souls’ Day, I find myself immersed in memories of my dear Fat Nana. (Yes, that is what we called her!) She was my maternal great grandmother, and the first person to teach me about Faith. She left this world when I was eight but continues to influence me even today.
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