Remembering on All Souls’ Day

Yesterday, I spent the day mentally immersed in the lives of Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. While MLK Jr. is not an official saint of the church, he seemed an appropriate person to remember on All Saints’ Day this year given the political climate this year.

Today, on All Souls’ Day, I find myself immersed in memories of my dear Fat Nana. (Yes, that is what we called her!) She was my maternal great grandmother, and the first person to teach me about Faith. She left this world when I was eight but continues to influence me even today.

She’s the reason I was baptized in the Episcopal Church. She’s the reason I believe in the power of prayer. She had tremendous Faith. When someone was sick, she would put a picture of the person at the feet of her statue of Jesus, and she would pray daily. She prayed with a passion I admired.

We were both terrified of thunderstorms. Whenever there was a storm, I would rush across the street to be with her.  I would unplug everything in her room, and we would sit on her bed and prayer. I’ve since given up my fear of thunderstorms–desensitized by spring storms in Middle Tennessee–but I’m still terrified of tornadoes. When there’s a tornado warning, I huddle up with my dogs and pray just as I did by her side when I was a little girl.

I loved her deeply and feel her presence in my life every day. Sadly, I have no photos of her.  I’ve reached out to family on Facebook. I feel compelled to create a digital scrapbook of memories and pictures. I’m hoping other family members do too.

Who are you remembering this All Souls’ Day?






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