The Power of Prayer

In the wake of a shooting in Texas church a few months ago, the quote above was being passed around social media. The only thing I find more disturbing than the quote itself is the fact that I’ve seen it shared on the pages of Christians.
First, why would anyone assume that because they were in church that they were automatically faithful Christians who prayed often? How many of us know people who show up at church on Sunday but aren’t faithful or prayerful and don’t live the principles of the Gospel? Church membership doesn’t always mean someone is living a Christian life.
Second, when are there EVER enough prayers? Aren’t we taught as Christians that our first response to everything should be prayer?
Third, are we really saying that the only victims of this shooting were the people in the church? Do their friends and family and community not also qualify as victims? Don’t they also need our prayers?
Finally, who are we to presume that we have any idea what God’s plan is in this situation? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting it was God’s plan for someone to shoot up a church.  That was human will at work, but I do believe with all my soul that God has a plan for turning this tragedy into growth and renewal.  That is, after all, the essence of Christ’s death and resurrection, isn’t it?
Ultimately, this quote expresses a complete lack of Faith that our prayers matter and have a purpose, which literally breaks my heart. If we don’t really believe that through God all things are possible, what are we doing? Why do we even bother?
I’m not trying to pass judgement on any one. I’m just trying to ask the question…  Do we *really* believe? Do we *really* have Faith? My heart has really been hurting over this. I have to ask, isn’t this exactly the kind of hardness of heart that at it’s extreme leads to violence? I have no answers. Only questions.
How does this quote make you feel?

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