Giving Thanks

The weekend before Thanksgiving was an emotionally charged three days that I’m still emotionally processing.  Each event challenged me to count my blessings and give thanks to God for how very blessed I am.

The weekend started with shadowing my upline in Pampered Chef for an in-home party. I spent the evening with a wonderful group of women talking about one of my favorite subjects–cooking! I learned a ton from watching Wendy.  Despite getting home well past my normal bedtime, I arrived energized and excited about my Pampered Chef business.

On Saturday, Bear and I passed our Pet Partners team evaluation, which we’ve been working for almost a year. We failed our first evaluation, because I hadn’t counted on how excited he would get at meeting a new dog. I took the advice of the evaluator and spent the months in between our evaluations taking Bear to environments with a number of new dogs to train in the most distracting environments possible.

We headed out early Saturday morning for the hour drive to Brentwood, stopping for a little play and a training session at the local PetSmart before our evaluation. Bear was wonderful, and we finally passed.  I choose Pet Partners because they were known for their professionalism and for having a tough evaluation process.  I wanted to be registered with a top notch group…  And now we are!

On Sunday, I attended the service ending the pastoral relationship between our church and our retiring priest. The church cancelled one service to have time between the early service and the last service to have a breakfast for our retiring priest. Being an emotional person, the water works started long before the speeches ended and continued throughout the very beautiful farewell service.

For me, Polk Van Zandt was one of those people that enters your life and says something that really rocks your world and changes your perception of life. Meeting him at Tennessee Episcopal Cursillo #73 kicked off a journey of spiritual transformation that is still very much underway.  I am thrilled for him and his wife that they’re starting their retired life.  I have every confidence that the congregation of St. Paul’s will find another amazing priest, but I am profoundly sad that my time as a parishioner of Polk’s is over.

On Sunday night, I volunteered at Coldest Nights for Women for the first time. I spent two hours with some of the homeless women in Murfreesboro. To serve those less fortunate than yourself always reminds us to be grateful and reconnects us with our most important mission in life–to be present for others. Hearing their stories and seeing their struggles reminded me just how blessed I really am.

I thank God that my life has been graced with so many remarkable people from so many diverse backgrounds. I thank God that I’ve been sent this amazing dog who continuously teaches me patience and compassion as he spreads joy wherever he goes. I thank God that while life might not always be easy I always have my brothesr and sisters in Christ to turn to when I’m in need.

What are you thankful for this season?

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