Everything is Sacred

I’ve gotten a lot of questions both on and offline about how all my interests tie together.  How does taking care of a donkey relate to theology?  What does solar-powered lighting have to do with dog training?  How does bargain shopping at Goodwill relate to Christian values?  What does Pampered Chef have to do with farming? The answer to all of those questions is stewardship.
These questions remind me of a story a Lyons Legacy trainer told me about Josh Lyons. Josh was asked not to talk God about one of his events. He told them that it just wasn’t possible to NOT talk about God when he was talking about horse training, because his training abilities were a gift from God. I respect that. Owning your Faith isn’t always easy.  Sometimes people don’t get it.
God has blessed us with a beautiful peace of earth.  God has blessed me with an amazing job.  God has blessed us both with intellect and drive. God made us stewards of 37 acres, two horses, two dogs, a cat, a donkey, and a sizeable income. Being stewards, we don’t “own” any of this. God has honored us with their care.

So…  All of this boils down to being good stewards of God’s blessings. Everything in our life comes from God and is of God. Everything we do is sacred and ties back to the stewardship of God’s blessings.
Taking care of the animals connects us to God’s creation. My donkey teaches me patience. My horses remind me to keep a sense of humor.  My dogs teach me compassion. My cat… Well he reminds me that he’s king of the house and not me! I care and provide for them as God cares and provides for me.
Building our farm to use solar power and other renewable energy resources helps to better care for our environment and our natural resources, while bargain shopping helps take better care of my financial resources, enabling us to do more good in the world. My Pampered Chef business lets me promote healthy cooking with farm fresh ingredients.
As we develop spiritually, we begin to see that everything we do–even washing our face in the morning–can be an act of gratitude that glorifies God when we recognize that God is always present and respond by acting with intentionality.

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