Finding God in the Natural World

I recently had a conversation with a woman at church, who said that we couldn’t find God in the material world. I think that’s a big part of our problem in America. We don’t make the distinction between the man-made material world and the God-made material world. God is everywhere in the material world, because God made the material world and revealed God’s self in that world.
For so many years, theology has separated the spiritual world from the physical world, but how do we know God? As Christians, we know God through Christ–the physical manifestation of God. If God meets us in the physical world, why would we try so hard NOT to meet God in the physical world? Doesn’t it only make sense that we try to meet God in the world God created, especially this time of year when we’re walking with Christ as he approaches death and resurrection?
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Daylight Savings Time

It never ceases to amaze me the places your mind can go when you spend a day pondering God, your relationship with God, and the nature of God’s creation. Last Sunday, I found myself pondering our odd biannual ritual of changing our clocks and the disconnect that creates from the world around us.
There was a time when I rejoiced in the Spring changing of the clocks. My horses were at a boarding facility, and I only saw them in the hours of sunlight after work. Daylight Savings Time meant an end to a winter of only riding on the weekends. It was a bit like a national holiday for horse people.
Now that my horses are home with us, my time with them starts at sunrise and ends at sunset regardless of what the clock ticks. I find myself resenting the clock change because my time between sunrise and the start of work or church has been cut short, and it’s my favorite time of day. I love the quiet and the beauty of the sun as it crests and rises in the Eastern sky. Continue reading

Rutherford County Master Gardeners

On Saturday, I attended a free class at Linebaugh Library in Murfreesboro. The Master Gardeners of Rutherford County are teaming up with Linebaugh Library to host a free series on gardening. Saturday’s session, Getting Started Gardening: Soil Prep and Site Selection, was a great introduction for someone like me, who’s never started a garden.
Based on the material, I was able to decide on a 10′ by 10′ garden. We picked an ideal site that’s level with good drainage. There’s a good 8-10 hours of light with afternoon shade. We were able to get the spot cleared and lay down black plastic to kill the grass before spring planting. Continue reading

Southern Equine Expo 2018

Another Southern Equine Expo is in the books. It was hands down the best one yet. The lineup of speakers and clinicians was fabulous. Since I spent most of the weekend in the Miller Club helping speakers, I had the chance to hear all of the wonderful presentations throughout the weekend. I can’t share everything, but I’ve included some highlights and
The Trailmeister Robert Eversole is a Southern Equine Expo favorite. A retired Marine and PATH instructor, he’s a top notch speaker and a great guy. He’s passionate about trail safety and brings his knowledge and experience to life with that passion. His website has a plethora of information for trail riders, including trail guides and reviews of trail equipment. He gave four talks throughout the weekend: ABCs of Trail Riding, Horse Camping 101, When the Sh*i Hits the Fan, and GPS for Trail Riders. The real joy of having Robert Eversole as a speaker, though, is the gracious and humble way he interacts with everyone who has a question or wants to share a story.  I was very glad to see him back this year!
CPT Tim Finley‘s presentation of “In the Arena: 1,000 Click of Beautiful Hell” was a personal favorite. He’s an exceptional serviceman, leading by example. I heard his presentation three times throughout the weekend, and I still teared up at the end. His story of competing in the Mogul Derby is as touching as it is remarkable. I won’t share the details and spoil it for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet. CPT Finley is currently completing a book To Live with Honor, which I highly recommending grabbing as soon as it’s available. Like Robert Eversole, he is a gracious and humble man. He was accompanied by his lovely wife, who is also a joy to speak with. Continue reading