Rutherford County Master Gardeners

On Saturday, I attended a free class at Linebaugh Library in Murfreesboro. The Master Gardeners of Rutherford County are teaming up with Linebaugh Library to host a free series on gardening. Saturday’s session, Getting Started Gardening: Soil Prep and Site Selection, was a great introduction for someone like me, who’s never started a garden.
Based on the material, I was able to decide on a 10′ by 10′ garden. We picked an ideal site that’s level with good drainage. There’s a good 8-10 hours of light with afternoon shade. We were able to get the spot cleared and lay down black plastic to kill the grass before spring planting.

I was very excited that the Master Gardener conducting the class was an organic farmer, so he was not only able to talk about common gardening techniques but also about more traditional, organic techniques. He included several resources for homemade and organic alternatives to commonly-used, chemical solutions.
The class even included information on compositing, so we’re getting our compost bins started. We should have some fabulous compost ready by the time we start seeding our garden in April.
I’ll be back at the library on March 17th for another free class on Vegetable Gardening Basics. I can’t wait! I’m really looking forward to planning our spring planting!
If you’ve never checked out the Master Gardeners program in your area, you should. They frequently offer free classes to the community to help people who want to grow their own food. It’s a wonderful service for supported by the UT Ag Extension program.

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