Number 1

I’ve been listening to Rob Bell’s How to Be Here on Audible. As usual, the Holy Spirit is at work in my life, and I’m hearing exactly what I need to hear exactly when I need to hear it.
In the last section I listened to, Rob talks about how being here means focusing on the first step. “1 is always the first number”, he writes. He shares a few stories about how we miss the importance of the present task when we focus on worry about steps 6, 11, and 42 instead of focusing on step 1. Most times, we have no idea what those future steps will be, but we miss the present worrying about them.
Rob shares a great story about how he had an idea to film a sermon in a new way and how the journey to create that visual presentation took on a completely different form than the team had originally envisioned. I recognized elements of the story and knew that the end product was part of the Nooma series, which I love.
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Changes Afoot

These days we have a lot of changes going on!
First, we changed our hosting provider due to some rather crappy support at HostGator.  I used to have a dedicated account that let me host multiple sites, but as I moved away from web development into farming and writing for a living, I no longer needed that much space. I didn’t realize that downgrading my service would mean downgrading my support!
So… We’ve moved our website to, which provides everything we need at a lower price with options to upgrade as we grow. Unfortunately, that meant migrating, which allows causes some kind of loss no matter how careful you are. We lost our featured photos and our theme. We look a little different, but we’re working on choosing a premium theme to get us back to our previous standards. I’m also working through posts to make sure all the photos get back in.
Second, we’ve lost our dream property. Someone swooped in with a cash offer before our current place sold. We’re sad, but we’re also sure that God has something wonderful planned, so we can fulfill our calling of helping others learn to care for God’s creation.
We appreciate you’re hanging in there with us as we live out of boxes and are far more silent than we’d like to be! I promise to get things back on track and moving forward as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’re going to take this time to revamp our pages to make our services and mission more clear.
Have a suggestion or a comment?  Please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!