Reducing Our Waste

One of our main goals in living a more sustainable lifestyle is reducing our waste. We’ve started with trying to be more conscious of buying products that reduce packaging. We also try to recycle and reuse as much as possible.
We took a big step this week in getting our compost bin up in the yard. We have a small compost bin for the kitchen that we use for our every day compost (cooking scraps, paper towels, etc.). We empty it into our outdoor compost bin every few days.

We’ve gone from a traditional 13 gallon kitchen trashcan that gets empty every 2-3 days to a smaller 8 gallon trashcan that gets emptied once a week. We’re not at zero waste, but we’ve made a significant improvement, going from over 30 gallons of trash per week to 8 gallons or less.
Like most Americans, we occasionally partake in online shopping, which comes with cardboard boxes, but we can now shred the boxes and add them to our compost.
In three months when we’re ready to start our garden, we’ll have great organic material to add to our soil. Based on my conversations with organic farmers, soil management is the key to growing great food, so I’m pretty excited that we’ll have our own compost when Spring rolls in.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about composting, and I was surprised at how much of our household waste can be composted rather than sent to the dump. I can throw in our used tea bags and our used coffee grounds.
We looked at a lot of DIY options for compost bins, but we ended up choosing a Good Ideas CW-ECOS Compost Wizard Eco Square Composter. The price was comparable to the material cost of building our own, and we loved the idea of having an open bottomed bin that would allow worms to get in.
Here are some links to get you started:

Your local Master Gardener’s are also a wonderful resource. They offer classes in composting and organic gardening. They exist to help others, so they really do want to hear from you!
Peace & blessings my friends!

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