February_calendarFebruary has been a crazy, busy month for me. The first weekend, I volunteered to help the Tennessee Tech Equestrian Team, who was hosting a Western Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (ISHA) show. I had a blast, but it did eat up the whole weekend, so it was another week before I had a day off.
The second weekend in February, I took my Novice vows for the Third Order of St. Francis at the bi-monthly meeting of the local Tennessee Fellowship. It was a wonderful day, but it did involve a nearly four hour drive to Franklin, Tennessee.
Last weekend, I worked at the Southern Equine Expo (a subject for many more posts!), which again was a wonderful time and utterly exhausting. We had record attendance. For one lecture, we had people sitting on the floor!
I’ve cleared my schedule for March, so I can take some time for rest and regrouping. As an introvert who loves people, if I over book myself, I end up very drained. Sometimes I even end up sick in bed.
That didn’t happen this time, but I am spending plenty of time in rest and reflection to recharge my batteries. Just in time for Lent!
As I’m reviewing my 2019 goals, I’m recommitting to getting the first draft of my book ready to go to my writing coach. I’m also recommitting to get more food growing. We’re in a rental at the moment, so we’re focused on hydroponics and container gardening this year.
One of the things I’m dropping from my list of goals is podcasting. I started it on the advice of another author and inspired by Rob Bell, but I quickly came to dread recording sessions. I knew the second I made the decision to drop it that I made the right choice, because I felt a huge sense of relief.
Instead, I’m going to be redirecting that energy into learning how to create and edit videos. I have two projects in the works that would benefit from being able to include videos. More about those later!  😀
During Lent, I’m going to work on increasing my blog posts from one a week to two to three a week. What will you be working on or giving up this Lent?

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