Preparing for Lent

Lent3Normally on Shrove Tuesday, my husband and I would be excited to head to church for the annual Pancake Supper.
This year, we’re in a new town, and I’m attending a new church. There won’t be pancakes–my husband’s favorite food–and the already frigid temperature will be dropping into the teens.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, I loathe winter. I grew up in Massachusetts, and I was the kids that hated sledding and hot chocolate. I loved the few months of summer with heat and long days, which is why I moved South.
Now that I live in Tennessee, February is usually the toughest month of the year for me as winter holds on for a few more weeks. The arctic front that has moved in this week feels like hitting a wall–a wall of winter–and it makes me feel like hibernating and NOT feel like heading out for dinner.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I was going to do for Lent. Was I going to give something up? Was I going to pick up a new spiritual practice?
I decided in the last 48 hours that I was going to give up being so hard on myself. I’m not giving up goals. I’m not throwing out my time management strategies.
But I am going to stop beating myself up for my mistakes. I’m going to stop trying to be nice to people who clearly don’t appreciate it.
Most importantly, I purging my social media. I don’t need to follow people or stay friends with people just so I won’t hurt their feelings, especially when many of those people could care less about my feelings.
This Lent, I’m going to try to be as good to myself as I try to be others. I’m going to forgive, be kind, and take care of myself. Well…  I’m going to try. 😉
What are you doing for Lent?

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