DIY Office Decor

As we’ve settled into our new home, I’ve been very deliberate about creating spaces to read, write, pray, and work. I’ve had a few DIY decor items that have really pulled the spaces together.

I love having the ability to have pictures, notes, and inspiration in my spaces. Even more, I love being able to change them as my goals and motivations change. Magnet boards and cork boards work great for me.

Upcycled Cookie Sheets
I started with the magnet boards. I purchased some old cookie sheets at a yard sale  for a dollar. I cleaned them with a Scotch-Brite heavy duty scouring pad, leaving just a little rust to pull through the paint and give the boards an aged feel.

I painted the boards using standard acrylic paint, being sure to leave a little texture in the paint mix to add a little dimension. It took two coats to get good coverage. After they dried, I mounted them with 3M Command hanging strips.

(The pages in the picture above are visioning pages from the Best Planner Ever.)

Painted Cork Boards
For my second project, I ordered a set of 4 cork tiles from Amazon for $6.44. I painted them with acrylic paint. Since cork is porous, you end up with a wonderful textured feel similar to variation you see in staining wood. I mounted them with Command hanging strips in a diamond pattern over my reading/journaling desk.

Painted Picture Frame
My last project was repainting the frame on a painting my mother gave me. It was a leftover from a church yard sale. She knew I would like it, because the colors perfectly match my office decor with the exception of the frame. I painted out the frame black, which is more consistent with my decor.

What do you have in your office that inspires you while you work?


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