Clearing the Clutter

As I was reviewing old drafts, deciding what to trash and what might be worth developing, I came across an entry–this entry–that I had started in May of 2017. It’s interesting how things come full circle.
At the time, I was sifting through our belongings as we prepared to moved. Now, I’m decluttering once again as we’re settling into what I hope will become our forever home.
My original post included a quote from an email newsletter from dotMagis, in which author Rebecca Ruiz recounts a similar decluttering of her home.

I ask myself, when Jesus comes, will there be room for him to stay, or will he find my heart and soul too cluttered? Am I hanging onto things I don’t need out of that “just in case” type of fear? Or, do I trust him enough to let everything go? Have I taken the necessary time to free up space for him? Is my priority, in fact, Jesus, or is it things or other attachments? When he comes, will I be able to respond to him freely, or will my movements be impeded by stuff that’s holding me back? My soul-cleaning goal is to be able to fling open the door to my heart and fearlessly let go of all of those things that might get in the way of his entry. Can I do this?

This is the essence of why I’m decluttering as we settle into our home. To really be a good steward, I have to let go of things that aren’t bringing me closer to God. I have to let go of things that are taking up space that could be used more intentionally.
In one of my favorite book’s (How to Be Here), Rob Bell talks about the difference between details and clutter in your spaces. He comments, “Details are pictures that remind you why you do what you do. Details are the tools of your craft.” Clutter is everything else.
I’m no longer just eliminating things I don’t need. I’m eliminating things that don’t inspire me or aren’t necessary for my craft. I’m intentionally creating spaces for the Holy Spirit to flow through me.
What’s in your space?  What inspires you?

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