For us, being a good Stewards of God’s creation means not only having a positive impact on your community but also having either a positive or neutral impact on the environment. One of our passions is getting ourselves off the grid and then being in a position to help others do the same. As we renovate our farm, we’re looking for solutions that reduce our energy usage and employ renewable energy sources.
In addition, we try to regularly evaluate our life with one motto: reduce, reuse, recycle. We look to eliminate things we don’t need, like giving up harsh chemical cleaners in our home. We look at ways to make things we previous bought, like growing our own food. When we shop, we shop local ads and consignment shops, so we can buy gently used items or upcycle less gently used items. We try to upcycle old containers, old clothes, and other materials we can find a use for.

Our Horse Barn
We recently completed our 3 stall horse barn.  We renovated an old car port.  The barn has lights and fans for each stall, all of which are solar-powered.  We started with some LED RV lights and a trolling motor battery.  We have two double lights in the aisle and two single lights located above the stall walls.  We added a 15W solar panel and a fan for each stall.  We plan to upgrade to a 100W solar panel, so we can add a single outlet for charging clippers or for vet/farrier usage.

Pasture Fencing
We opted for Poly Tape electrified fencing for our pastures.  We are currently expanding a little at a time.  Our fencing is 100% solar powered.

Stay tuned as we renovate the guest house/farm office and the main house!